The Looking Glass of Water

I am uncertain of many things. To you I am what I project and I project what I think want you to see. Shifting absolutes and realities cause confusion in my mind, but that’s the nature of the game.

I elate, I disappoint, I surprise, I bore, I comfort, I irritate, I conform, I break free, I understand, I misunderstand, I cause pain and I provide comfort.

So is the glass half empty or half full? It is clear to me that the answer is as it has always been and always will be

both .........

The Tolerant Mind

The Tolerant Mind is free to explore the absurd premise,

   The Tolerant Mind makes sure.

The Tolerant Mind asks questions,

  The Tolerant Mind changes course.

The Tolerant Mind courts failure,

  The Tolerant Mind __________________________________

And if you've filled in the blank,

  The Tolerant Mind is yours.


Cause and Effect

Approximately 15 - 18 seconds on a beach in Uruguay - one thing does lead to another




Wheels within wheels
In a spiral array
A pattern so grand and complex
Time after time we lose sight of the way
Our causes can’t see their effects
— Neil Peart

Walkabout - St Louis

Walkabouts are my most common method of photographing -- I simply take my camera out for a walk.  I go out without a preconceived notion of what I will look for.  I do go out with my point of view on the world - how I see things.  I feel what I feel and my photographic style emerges from that.  

Photographs made in St. Louis in August, 2017.

Voyage of Discovery

We are all on our own voyage of discovery - finding our own purpose and method. 

Inspired by the short story "Finding", by Joanne Dugan

Somehow we began and ended in a place we didn't know before

Trust was what we needed most to learn

Suddenly the voices started

Each thing became a guide

The world took a deep breath as it spoke,

And wisdom was born just by looking.

Originally published in "To Music & Other Short Stories", 1991


Post Trespass

The boats surrounding the Kensico Reservoir have been a consistent subject of mine for the past four years.  These represent some of my first "legal" images - taken after obtaining the proper permit to be there.  Which was, of course, precipitated by coming out of the woods after a shooting session to two police cars around my car, and a third on its way.  A trespassing ticket ensued but I was cleared of all charges paying "court costs".  A relatively small price to pay for the story.

Continuing in the footsteps of Alfred


In 2015 I created my first photographic conceptual project, "In The Footsteps of Alfred" to mild acclaim in my own mind. The premise was easy enough -- photograph in and around four principal locations in New a York City where Alfred Stieglitz may have also photographed from.  These are locations I continually find myself returning to.

While my original series was shot with digital, Stieglitz used a 4x5 Graflex as his "hand camera".  I have started retracing my own footsteps shooting in formats closer to his.

Tenuous Connections

It happens all over the world -- Leaves grow on trees, turn beautiful colors, and then fall.  And then, of course, it happens all over again.

In Bryant Park in December, it’s the part where the trees have dropped their leaves onto the sidewalk, stairs, and the little green tables and chairs that adorn the park.

Leaves grow up in a world surrounded by their own kind.  They're only interaction is with similar leaves.  Perhaps they mingle, perhaps not.  Where a leaf falls, however, is up to the fates.  Their connections to other leaves are tenuous at best.

Please note - this is NOT the story of the ten year old boy burning a leaf with the sun and a magnifying glass.  It could have been, but it’s not.

This is a modern day romance.....