Daily Practice


A project that speaks to my soul - gifted a 1945 Leica IIIc by the original owner and dear family friend - I was taken by the feeling of history and permanence the first time I held it. 

I envision this to be the start of a 2nd (and hopefully not last) journey for this mechanical marvel. A relic without a battery, this machine is meant to do exactly two things - focus and expose — leaving everything else about the final image up to me. 

It is my goal to shoot this camera for the next 27 years regularly because I’m curious to see the images it makes on it’s 100th birthday - and I’d like to be prepared when that day comes. 

I endeavor to learn a lot from this process - about tradition and persistence - I’ll keep you posted...

Palm Springs Photo Festival - Snapping a chalk line.

I had the privilege of spending a week in Palm Springs focused solely on photography.  This was an important moment for me as a photographer as I brought with me what I would call my "first proper portfolio of work", beautifully printed by the team at Digital Silver Imaging.  

4 Portfolios of 16x20 Silver Gelatin Prints including: 

  • An updated edit of :"Perimeters"
  • An updated edit of "The In Between"
  • An updated edit of "El Ritmo del Regresso)
  • New work from Japan, made earlier this year

Walkabout - St Louis

Walkabouts are my most common method of photographing -- I simply take my camera out for a walk.  I go out without a preconceived notion of what I will look for.  I do go out with my point of view on the world - how I see things.  I feel what I feel and my photographic style emerges from that.  

Photographs made in St. Louis in August, 2017.